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Dental Implants

As a practice, we have been involved in implant-based solutions since their inception. Where indicated, you can be assured an implant option will be considered.

Dental implants are a very predictable way of retaining a replacement tooth or teeth. They do, however, require careful planning and execution.

As prosthodontists, we prescribe and manage the logistics of implant planning and restoration. We work with other specialists (periodontists or oral surgeons) who will place them.

Where needed, we will digitally plan and the produce 3D printed guides for the surgeon.

Over the years, implants and their superstructures require review and maintenance. We give you the opportunity to return to us regularly and should there be an issue, at any time.

Implant Crowns and Bridges

Replacement of a missing tooth with implant crown is often preferred over a conventional bridge (but not always). Replacement of the missing tooth means the teeth either side of the space are left intact. If more than one tooth is missing, the spaces can be bridged using additional implants.

A common misconception is that each missing tooth requires an implant. This would make the treatment unrealistically expensive and create problems in maintaining them over time.

Implant Fixed Complete Dentures (Full Bridges)

Searching the internet will bring up many advertisements for full bridges on four (or more) implants. We also do this if this and if such a treatment option is indicated, we will give you that as an option. Many factors must be taken into consideration and before making a decision, you need to be informed of all available solutions.

Pros Associates Costmetic Services

Removable Dentures

We don't always connect crowns and bridges to implants. Outcomes for removable dentures have been transformed with implants. They can be clipped on to provide you with a very stable and retentive denture. Depending on your anatomy, a partially fixed bridge, can be designed to replace extensive tissue loss.