Crowns etc.

Crowns, inlays and bridges are a big part of our practice. Some tooth preparation is usually required. Either conventional or digital impressions are taken and sent to our technicians for manufacture. On your return, we confirm the fit and make any necessary adjustments before delivering the restoration.


We have a minimum intervention philosophy. Tooth veneers and onlays are often preferred. We aim to preserve as much tooth structure as possible. Appearance is, of course, one of your most important expectations. To achieve this, we will usually formulate a 'smile design' and diagnostic evaluation before proceeding with any treatment. A preliminary digital evaluation is often done as part of your initial consultation.


We are lucky to have a fully functional laboratory on site for our use. This allows us to control much of the technical work, before it is sent to our laboratories. This results in a predictable outcome and reduces your number of visits.


Don't forget dentures. There is still a place for the 'All on None' in an 'All on Four' world.

Millions of people are happy with complete dentures. These can be made to replace all missing teeth, using techniques established for decades. A natural smile, indistinguishable from the real thing, can be engineered to assure your prosthodontic privacy.